Evaluation System for Computing Accessibility and Planning Evacuation

Building capacity and providing actionable warning information forearmed, forewarned towards resilient communities
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Flow chart of ESCAPE

Structure of ESCAPE

ESCAPE is composed of three program modules:

I. Main simulation program
II. Route simulation program
III.Shelter simulation program

Main simulation program requires two input data which are an inverse evacuation speed grid and shelter information while the outputs are 1) evacuation basin presenting the evacuation zones of the analysis area which are set for each shelter, 2) required evacuation time presenting required time for evacuees to evacuate from any points to the designated shelter, 3) evacuation direction guiding the moving direction from any points towards the designated shelter.

Route simulation program is designed for searching the fastest path from any selected starting point towards the designated shelter.

Shelter simulation program is the function used to evaluate the shelter capacity against the expected number of evacuees.

Route and shelter simulation programs are the options which can be consequently computed when the outputs of main simulation program are available.