Evaluation System for Computing Accessibility and Planning Evacuation

Building capacity and providing actionable warning information forearmed, forewarned towards resilient communities
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The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami highlighted the need to raise awareness about the hazard and its risks to lives and livelihoods, as well as the need for preparedness for a similar event. Hazard and risk assessments identify areas that are exposed to the tsunami, quantify their risk to the hazard, and are used as basis in preparedness planning. To improve community preparedness for tsunami, information on evacuation procedures and shelters are essential to guide the emergency management agencies and communities to properly response during the event. Evacuation zones can be established at local level based on the results from hazard analysis and risk assessment. Detailed tsunami evacuation maps depicting the tsunami save areas, escape routes can be consequently generated.

Evaluation System for Computing Accessibility and Planning Evacuation (ESCAPE) is developed as the tool to support the evacuation planning for people in risk areas. The system can provide information and guides on the fastest path and the evacuation direction toward the shelters. Evacuation basins can be determined to partition the area to several zones which can be accommodated by the designated shelters. The capacity of shelters can be evaluated if the number of people in the risk areas is identified. System component and the usage are presented by System Flowchart